Roctober #33


(Summer 2002), 95 Pages, Full-Color Cover by Pedro

Punk & Hardcore Issue

Includes bonus Negative Element/Stepe Brothers CD

10 Second Interview: Handsome Dick
Trio Mocoto Interview / Rio Scene Report by Brian Mier
Punk’nhead by Jake Austen
Dee Dee Ramone Tribute by Gentleman John Battles
Gumballhead the Cat by Rob Syers
Negative Element/Stepe Brothers by Joe Losurdo
C*nts Interview by Eric Ottens
Margo Guryan Interview by Rachel Lichtman
Solomon Burke Interview by James Porter
T. Bubba Bechtol Interview by Ken Burke
Pcp Kitty by Ans
E-6 by Dennis Vannatta
Secret Agent X by Greg Cook
Pedrodelic Becomes a Dialysis Cyborg by Pedro Bell, Steve Koress, Jake Austen
Nardwuar Vs. Jimmie "J.J.” Walker
Rock Is Funny by Dan Buck
Paul Burlison Interview by Gentleman John Battles
Cavestomp 2001 by Gentleman John Battles
Sammy/Masks/Midgets/Robots/Kiddie/Chipmunk Updates
Waymon's Reviews
Illustrations by Claudia Parentella, Wm. Mccurtin, Sean the Sean, Mike Goetz