Roctober #27


The "Psychedelic Superhero" Issue, (Spring 2000) 92 Pages, Full-Color Glossy Cover by Plastic Crimewave

Marvin Rainwater Interview by James Porter
D.J. Fontana Interview by Ken Burke
Chuck Berry
Kenny Wayne Shepherd Interview
Misfits by Buh Zombie
Rock & Wrestling Comic by K. Thor Jensen
Gregg "Mr. Compilation Producer" Geller Interview by Ken Burke
David Lee Roth by Ham Davis and Jeff Zimmerman
Charles Schulz
Little Richard Is Jewish by Gentleman John Battles
Wax Trax Records by Jo Ann Solders and Harry Young
Charlie Parker Comic (in Italian) by M. Petrangari
Don "Sugarcane" Harris & Screaming Jay Hawkins Obits by Gentleman John Battles
"Punk'nhead" Comic by Jake Austen
"Rockin' Ace" Comic by Slink Moss
Sammy Reviews
Waymon Timbsdayle Reviews
"We Love Mail"
Masked/Midget/Monkey/ Rock N Roll Updates
Name 5
Beau Grumpus Pancake Breakfast
"Rock Is Funny" By Dan Buck
Web of Mystery
Comics by Claudia Parentella, King Merinuk, Mike Goetz, Shawn Calvert, Jenny Zervakis, J, Melkman, Jeff Roysden
Bonus: Psychedelic Superheroes Book with Plastic People of the Universe Interview/Illustration by Plastic Crimewave, Flaming Lips Interview, Turned on Superheros, and More!