ROctober #24


(Winter 1999) 68 Pages, Full Color Glossy Cover by Andrew Jeffrey Wright

Vanilla Ice Interview/Record Guide by Jake Austen,Sven-erik Geddes and Michael Lucas
10 Second Patti Smith Interview
Ted Nugent Comic by Eric Searleman
Sugar Pie Desanto Interview/Record Guide by James Porter/Jake Austen
Swingin' Neckbreakers Interview by Gentleman John Battles
G.G. Allin Comic by Rob Syers
Albert Ayler Comic by Omar Abdel-waheb
Strawberry Shortcake by Kelly Kuvo
The Wix Records Story (Tommie Wix, Ray Smith, Wayne Worley, Wayne Keeling) by Ken Burke
"Punk'nhead" Comic by Jake Austen
"Rockin' Ace" Comic by Slink Moss
Sammy Reviews
Waymon Timbsdayle Reviews
"We Love Mail"
Masked/Midget/Monkey Rock N Roll Updates
Name 5
Beau Grumpus Pancake Breakfast
Comics by Dan Buck, James Loverde, Buzzsaw, Bratto, Tony Fate, Claudia Parentella, Glemun