Roctober #28


The "Comedy/Novelty Records" Issue, (Summer 2000) 84 Pages, Full Color Glossy Cover by John G. Battles and Alex Wald

Cub Koda Obit/Comic by James Porter and Gentleman John Battles
Dolemite Interview by Nardwuar
Redd Foxx Record Guide/Profile
Dickies Interview by Gentleman John Battles
Kid Creole Interview by Eric Ottens
Andre Williams Meets Los Straitjackets
T. Valentine by James Porter and John Phillips
Pat Boone Interview by Ken Burke
Pat Boone Poll by Gary Pig Gold
More Pat Boone by Gary Pig Gold
Swamp Dogg Interview/Record Guide by James Porter
Phantom Surfers
Maceo Interview/Illustraton by Jake Austen and Jason Mitchell
Xuxa! By Brian Mier
"Punk'nhead" Comic by Jake Austen
"Rockin' Ace" Comic by Slink Moss
Sammy Reviews
Waymon Timbsdayle Reviews
"We Love Mail"
Masked/Midget/Monkey/ Rock N Roll Updates
Name 5
Beau Grumpus Pancake Breakfast
"Rock Is Funny" By Dan Buck
Web of Mystery
Comics by Claudia Parentella, Mike Goetz