Roctober #34


"One Man Band Encyclopedia" Issue, (Fall 2002), 120 Pages, Full Color Glossy Cover By Greg Jacobsen

My Daze with the Haze (Hasil Adkins) by Len Colby
Bedroom Bands by Chris Butler
Honkitonkioke by Kelly Kuvo
Thaddeus Cahill by Emil Hyde
Frankie Capri by Miss Pussycat
It's a Casio World by Emil Hyde
Brother Danielson by Jillian Steinberger
Homer Henderson by Gentleman John Battles
Judas Iscariot by Jake Austen
Hall of Dynamic Greatness
King Louie by Sam Soule
Joe Hill Louis by Jake Austen
Man Parrish by Ski Mask
Rock Is Funny by Dan Buck
Prehistory of One Man Bands by Grego
Joe Hill Louis by Jake Austen
Todd Rundgren by Ski Mask
Iron Man Mike Curtis by James Porter
Jimmie Lee Robinson by Jake Austen & Steve Balkin
Revenge R by Ski Mask
Bert by Monica Ponzek
Waymon's Reviews
Illustrations and Comix by Marcel Dejure, Ham Davis, Roysden, Jake Austen